Dear Colleagues,

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.  

I am writing to introduce you to the International Recruitment Programme across the West Midlands, which is being developed in partnership with WM-ADASS, Care Associations, Local Authorities and WM Employers. Our goal is to support CQC Adult Social Care Providers to compliment “best practices” by providing FREE international recruitment related support services and activities to help them make informed choices around recruitment and retention.  

International Recruitment can feel incredibly complex, but it is benefiting many organisations. It can help bring skills, care, and knowledge, that is proving difficult to access in the UK to enhance your offer across the community.  

Our goal is to help providers access expertise around international recruitment and enable individuals from overseas to thrive in roles here in the UK. 

The West Midlands regional approach has been developed to enable you to access FREE services and products. These will provide you with tools and information that build on and enhance the NHS Ethical Recruiters List. 

It is important that we develop a consistent approach across the region that is guided by current best practices and underpinned by The Code of Practice in respect of both Ethical and Safer international recruitment.  

There are also several local projects underway to develop international recruitment processes, systems, and services across the region. These are being designed to enhance and meet local needs of care providers and international recruits themselves. Please contact your Local Authority and or Care Association who are collaborating across the region to support solutions for recruitment and retention.  

Recent Policy Change around immigration will have raised some question for us all. Current Information and services available include: The WM Social Care Hub for International Recruitment is a “one stop shop” that provides a platform of information, tools, and advice in support of Ethical Recruitment across the West Midlands. 

  Link: West Midlands Social Care International Recruitment Hub – IRwestmids 

There are a range of resources available to providers please look.  

Here are some of the FREE products and services on offer now and over the next few weeks. 

  • Complimentary Legal and HR services in respect of International Recruitment Law Firm Name: Lester Aldridge Legal and HR helpline: 01202 786107 Legal and HR email: 
  • Audit Tools & Checklists to help “decision making” in agency supply. 
  • E booklet quick reference guide to essential information in respect of international recruitment 
  • Contact us WM-ADASS IR email contact 
  • Products and information will continue to evolve and will be updated regularly.  
  • FAQ 
  • Resources 
  • Support for recruits 
  • Small grants programme 

Updates will be available via The WM Social Care Hub and Care Associations to ensure you stay up to date with legislation and changing policies and have access to the international recruitment information. But if you do have any questions please do reach out. 

It is important for us to gather feedback in respect of the support that is being provided across the programme and continue to bring about positive changes for the future. 

So, please do get involved, we’d love to hear what you think 

This will be the first of our International Recruitment Bulletins we shall be providing you with regular updates that support you with services and information going forward. 

These will be distributed to all CQC Adult Social Care providers across the West Midlands. Watch this space.