Our proposal is to develop a regional framework for ethical recruitment. Underpinning ethical recruitment is The Code of Practice.

We will build on the NHS Ethical Recruiter List and create information and tools that will enable providers to be informed when making a decision on suppliers.

Through our E Booklet “Top Tips” and The checklist and audit tools developed, providers will be able to identify the Managed Service Providers (MSPs) / Agencies who will offer an enhanced service to Local Authorities and registered Care Providers in respect of international recruitment.

The benefits of this service include:

  • Increasing capacity for the care provider by identifying ‘approved’ MSPs/Agencies
  • Ensuring ethical recruitment across the region
  • Increasing confidence of care providers to undertake international recruitment.
  • More care providers recruiting ethically from overseas leading to a more diverse and sustainable market.
  • Providing reassurance to the care providers that the MSPs/agencies meet required standards.
  • Compliance is being met to ensure.

This page will be updated as we develop this framework, and it is anticipated that it will be launched January 2024.