As part of a regional programme of support we will be procuring a legal firm to provide specialist Employment Law and HR advice in relation to International Recruitment.

This will enable councils and/or adult social care providers to receive independent legal advice on a range of issues including sponsorship, the process, the legal framework for international recruitment etc.

As part of this support specific international recruitment related webinars will be produced and made available on this website for all registered Care Providers and Local Authorities to access, such as:

  • Ethical Recruitment
  • Modern slavery
  • Safeguarding

The benefits of this provision include:

  • Ensuring ethical recruitment across the region
  • Practical support to all providers on understanding the legal process
  • Increasing confidence of providers to navigate sponsorship systems and
  • Home Office compliance
    Equitable as available to all

This page will be updated as we develop this service and it is anticipated that it will be available over the next few months.